Welcome! Perhaps you found this blog because you recently lost a spouse. If so, you are specifically in my prayers, as I pray for everyone who reads these words. May this blog bring you comfort and help in your time of grief.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Resources I'd Recommend

Here are some resources I'd recommend to widows and widowers. There are many resources available, and I am familiar with only a portion of them; this is not meant to be a complete listing of everything available, but just a few resources I would personally recommend based on my own research and experiences.

As of this writing in June 2012, I will declare this list is "in process" and will be revised/updated as I research a number of resources and pass along to you the best ones I find. Please check back regularly to find updates, or better yet, sign up for e-mail updates at the right side of this page so you are the first to hear about each post or revision on Help for Widows and Widowers. 

Book titles below will include a link to Amazon.com, but you could find most through Barnes & Noble or Christian Book Distributors, or at your local Christian bookstore.

All external links on this page will open a new window so you can easily return to this blog as you peruse resources. [Please let me know if you find that one of these links is broken.]

If you want to suggest to me some resources you have found helpful, please email me.


With that introduction, here is a list of resources you might consider:

Experiencing Grief, H. Norman Wright
Good Grief, Granger Westberg
GriefShare.org - This is a video series shown in GriefShare support groups, and it has very good material. This website will help you find a group near you.

Helping Children (for adults to read)
When Children Grieve - NOTE: This is not a "Christian" book, but it is very helpful in understanding how we can help children who are grieving

Books for Children (for children to read or for adults to read to children)
What About Heaven? - NOTE: My young children loved having me read this to them over and over

Heaven, Randy Alcorn
In Light of Eternity, Randy Alcorn (a condensed version of his material in the Heaven book)
Heaven - for Kids, Randy Alcorn (older children can gain a lot from this simplified version)


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